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Teens and Distracted Driving

Twenty-six percent of American teens of driving age say they have texted while driving, and half (48%) of all teens ages 12 to 17 say they’ve been a passenger while a driver has texted behind the wheel.

UncategorizedAugust 19, 2009

Teens and Mobile Phones Over the Past Five Years: Pew Internet Looks Back

The Project first surveyed teenagers about their mobile phones in 2004 when a survey showed that 45% of teens had a cell phone. Since then mobile phone use has climbed steadily among teens to 63% in 2006 and 71% in 2008.

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What is the roll [sic] of traditional righting [sic] and grammar in the digital age?

Informal writing conventions – they’re not just for teenagers

UncategorizedDecember 19, 2007

Teens and Social Media

More teens are creating and sharing material on the internet. 28% of online teens have blogs, up from 2004 with growth fueled almost entirely by girls. “Super communicators” rise as email fades as a tool for teens.

UncategorizedAugust 30, 2006

The Afterlife of Text Messages

A company bought 10 phones on eBay and then “resurrected” information on them.

UncategorizedApril 3, 2006

Americans and their cell phones

How people use their cell phones in emergencies and to fill in their free time.

UncategorizedMarch 14, 2005

The Rise of Cell Phone Text Messaging

36 million American adults use their cell phones for sending text messages