UncategorizedNovember 8, 2010

Adolescence, Mobile Technology & Culture

Mobile health technology is being used to reach adolescent populations from different cultural backgrounds. Susannah Fox will add Pew Internet’s data about health, mobile, and teens to the discussion.

UncategorizedOctober 23, 2010

Teens, Adults and Sexting: Data on sending/receiving sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude photos by Americans

Teens and adults use their cell phones to transmit and receive suggestive images – a practice often called “sexting.” This talk outlines the demographics of who is sending and receiving these images and under what circumstances. Further, focus gro…

UncategorizedOctober 6, 2010

Teens & Mobile Phones: Texting rises sharply as mobile phones become the communication hub for American teens

Mobile phones have become the hub of teens’ communication with peers and others, and is increasingly a source of information as well as connection to others. This talk presents data about which teens have mobile phones, how they use them – texting…

UncategorizedSeptember 2, 2010

Cell phones and American adults

Adults make just as many calls, but text less often than teens. Americans say their mobile phones make them feel safer and more connected, but are irritated by cell intrusions and rudeness by other users.

UncategorizedJune 18, 2010

Adults and Cell Phone Distractions

Adults are just as likely as teens to have texted while driving and are substantially more likely to have talked on the phone while driving.

UncategorizedMay 18, 2010

Teens and Mobile Phones: Texting rises sharply as mobile phones become the communication hub for American teens.

In a brown bag lunch talk given to FTC, FCC and Department of Education staff, Amanda talks about teens and mobile phones – who has them, how they use them and how schools and parents approach and manage the devices in the home and in the classroom.

UncategorizedMay 3, 2010

Teens, Texting, and Social Isolation

Face-to-face interaction among teens is holding relatively steady, despite a spike in text messaging.

UncategorizedApril 20, 2010

Teens and Mobile Phones

Text messaging explodes as teens embrace it as the centerpiece of their communication strategies with friends.

UncategorizedFebruary 4, 2010

Social Media and Young Adults

This presentation covers recent findings on wireless, mobile internet use, social networks, content creation, blogging, Twitter and sexting among teens and young …