UncategorizedNovember 1, 2001

Online Grief Support Groups

In some of the most emotionally wrenching times of their lives, millions of dying and bereaved Americans are receiving great comfort from total strangers online.

UncategorizedOctober 31, 2001

Online Communities

The online world is a vibrant social universe where many Internet users enjoy serious and satisfying contact with online communities.

UncategorizedSeptember 24, 2001

The Internet and Community Networks: Case Studies of Five U.S. Cities

This paper looks at five U.S. cities (Austin, Cleveland, Nashville, Portland, and Washington, DC) and explores strategies being employed by community activists and local governments to create and sustain community networking projects.

UncategorizedSeptember 15, 2001

How Americans Used the Internet After the Terror Attack

The Internet was not a primary resource for news for most Americans after the terror attacks, but was a helpful supplement to TV and the telephone; many found it useful for expressing their sorrow and anger.

UncategorizedJune 21, 2001

Teenage Life Online

A detailed look at how children and young adults have incorporated the Internet into their lives, with a focus on family and friend relationships, and fervor with which adolescents use instant messaging technology.