UncategorizedNovember 17, 2008

Youth online safety resource now available

The Internet Safety Task Force, has spent the last year looking at online safety, including pre-existing research, research gaps and available solutions. As a part of the process, Andrew S…

UncategorizedSeptember 12, 2008

Use of Cloud Computing Applications and Services

Some 69% of online Americans use webmail services, store data online, or use software programs such as word processing applications whose functionality is located on the web. Online users who take advantage of cloud applications say they like the co…

UncategorizedJuly 18, 2008

Doctors’ Digital Footprints

A recent JAMA article warns doctors to follow their own digital footprints since patients may be doing so already. But is searching for information about a doctor so different from searching for information about a neighbor, classmate, or colleague?

UncategorizedJuly 11, 2008

Do we have a right to online privacy?

The Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on Wednesday about the privacy implications of online advertising.

UncategorizedJuly 3, 2008

Internet Safety Town Hall

On June 30th, Amanda participated in an Internet Safety Town Hall for educators

UncategorizedJune 30, 2008

Teens, Online Stranger Contact & Cyberbullying: What the research is telling us

This presentation covers basic internet connectivity statistics before launching into a discussion of the major online safety issues. Broken down into issues of online contact vs online content, the talk shares data on online stranger contact, sex…

UncategorizedJune 10, 2008

Online child safety and literacy

This presentation pulls together Pew Internet Project research about teenagers’ online activities, their behavior on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, and their Web 2.0 content creation activities. It covers the threats posed b…

UncategorizedMay 9, 2008

Securing Private Data from Network ‘Zombies’

As more of us integrate social networking into our daily lives online, the layered privacy choices we make through our in-network interactions are becoming increasingly complex.

UncategorizedApril 25, 2008

Teens, Online Stranger Contact & Harassment: What the data tell us

At the request of the Internet Safety Task Force, Amanda Lenhart presented the Pew Internet Project’s most recent data on online stranger contact, cyberbullying, the steps that teens take to ensure (or not) their online privacy and the ways in whi…

UncategorizedApril 11, 2008

Keeping tabs on our Google twins

A recent New York Times article suggests another reason why people are motivated to search for content connected to their names online: to check up on how their “Google twins” are doing from time to time.