UncategorizedAugust 2, 2007

The YouTube Debate Debate

Despite some criticisms of the format, why are the major GOP candidates wary of the YouTube debates?

UncategorizedJuly 25, 2007

YouTube Debate

View a recap of Monday’s presidential debate.

UncategorizedMay 19, 2007

The internet and politics

Statistics about the use of the internet for politics and e-government presented to the Personal Democracy Forum

UncategorizedMay 18, 2007

The Internet and Politics 2007

Statistics and insights from Pew Internet Research about the role of the internet in politics and e-government activities.

UncategorizedFebruary 6, 2007

Election Newshounds Speak Up

Americans flocked in record numbers to their favorite media sources for political news last fall. In this report, fans of newspaper, TV and online news sites tell how and why they differ.

UncategorizedJanuary 17, 2007

Election 2006 Online

Twice as many Americans used the internet as their primary source of news about the 2006 campaign compared with the most recent mid-term election in 2002.

UncategorizedDecember 20, 2006

Robo-calls in the 2006 campaign

64% of registered voters received recorded telephone messages in the final stages of the 2006 mid-term election.

UncategorizedNovember 10, 2006

Participation 2.0

As we’ve seen during this election season, participating online can also motivate users to participate offline.

UncategorizedNovember 6, 2006

The impact of the internet on politics

Is the internet the lever for direct democracy? Or is it a wedge for political polarization? An assessment of the first 10 years of online politics.

UncategorizedSeptember 20, 2006

More Americans turn to the internet for news about politics

On a typical day in August, 26 million Americans were using the internet for news or information about politics and the upcoming mid-term elections.