UncategorizedOctober 15, 2009

Are opportunities for online engagement bringing new voices into the civic debate?

Aaron Smith discusses the role the Internet plays in opening civic and political debate to historically underrepresented groups.

UncategorizedSeptember 1, 2009

The Internet and Civic Engagement

Just as in offline politics, the well-off and well-educated are especially likely to participate in online activities that mirror offline forms of engagement. But there are hints that social media may alter this pattern.

UncategorizedApril 15, 2009

The Internet’s Role in Campaign 2008

A majority of American adults went online in 2008 to keep informed about political developments and to get involved with the election.

UncategorizedJanuary 21, 2009

The Annotated Inauguration

Yesterday’s inauguration was the first to be fully digitized, annotated and archived online.

UncategorizedJanuary 5, 2009

Our Voter Engagement Report in the Press

Ars Technica has a great write-up of our recent Voter Engagement report.