UncategorizedMay 4, 2005

Revealing Research

Demographic differences in Web site design — captured by a staple of Halloween parties and roller skating rinks.

UncategorizedApril 20, 2005

Lots of Americans do research for their jobs online

Justice Kennedy, and other Justices who may do research online for Court opinions, are joined by about 27 million other adult Americans who use the internet to conduct research connected to their jobs.

UncategorizedApril 14, 2005

Dr. Google’s Office Never Closes

The presentation is an overview of several trends, including broadband adoption and a surge of interest in “every day” health topics, and how they affect the internet health landscape.

UncategorizedApril 13, 2005

Pictures Don’t Lie

Google Maps takes “vanity searches” to a whole new level.

UncategorizedMarch 23, 2005

No Search Engine Can Answer My Question

Are British search engine users really smarter than Americans?

UncategorizedMarch 21, 2005

College Searching Online

The majority of teens and nearly half of online adults use the internet to search for colleges or schools.

UncategorizedMarch 15, 2005

Creative Commons Search Engine

Creative Commons recently launched an updated beta version of its search engine

UncategorizedMarch 4, 2005

Search Queries About Social Security

A recent PIP report found that on any given day 38 million Americans consult a search engine. So it stands to reason that, as the national debate about Social Security continues, internet users may turn to search engines for links to sites that m…

UncategorizedJanuary 23, 2005

Search Engine Users

Internet users are very happy with their experiences searching the internet, but many are naive about how they search and the results they find.

UncategorizedJanuary 18, 2005

Weather Watchers

Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you’ve used the internet to track the weather at one time or another in your online life.