UncategorizedApril 25, 2004

14% of Internet users say they no longer download music files

14% of the 128 million American adults now online report that they downloaded music at one time, but no longer do so. About a third of these former music downloaders – 6 million adults – say that the RIAA’s tactics are the reason they stopped.

UncategorizedJanuary 4, 2004

Sharp decline in music file swappers

The percentage of American adult Internet users who say they download music drops by half and the usage of some file-sharing applications declines.

UncategorizedJuly 31, 2003

Music Downloading, File-sharing and Copyright

The number of American adults downloading music continues to grow and two-thirds of those who download or share files say they don’t care whether the files are copyrighted or not.

UncategorizedApril 24, 2001

The Music Downloading Deluge

Between July-August 2000 and February 2001, the number of American adults who have downloaded music online shot up more than 40%. In another recent survey, 53% of online teens 12-17 reported downloading music.

UncategorizedSeptember 28, 2000

Downloading Free Music

Music downloaders exhibit little concern for copyright protections, but about half also say that they are still buying music that they’ve sampled online.