UncategorizedDecember 5, 2004

Artists, Musicians and the Internet

Artists and musicians are enthusiastic internet users and they believe the internet helps them make and sell their work.

UncategorizedJune 23, 2004

DMCA Reform Being Considered

As usual, the recording industry, the technology sector, consumer advocates and policy makers are having difficulty finding common ground on this issue, to say the least. But how do the musicians…

UncategorizedApril 30, 2004

Preliminary results of survey of musicians

Between March 15 and April 15 of this year, 2,755 musicians and songwriters responded to a Web-based survey about the way they use the Internet and their views on a host of public policy questions related to copyright and music file-sharing on the In…

UncategorizedApril 25, 2004

14% of Internet users say they no longer download music files

14% of the 128 million American adults now online report that they downloaded music at one time, but no longer do so. About a third of these former music downloaders – 6 million adults – say that the RIAA’s tactics are the reason they stopped.

UncategorizedJanuary 4, 2004

Sharp decline in music file swappers

The percentage of American adult Internet users who say they download music drops by half and the usage of some file-sharing applications declines.