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Arts Organizations and Digital Technologies

Cultural organizations like theater companies, orchestras, and art museums are using the internet, social media, and mobile apps to draw in and engage audiences, provide deeper context, and disseminate their work beyond the stage and the gallery

UncategorizedDecember 30, 2010

65% of internet users have paid for online content

65% of internet users have paid to access or download some kind of digital content. Music and software are the most common kinds of content purchased.

UncategorizedOctober 14, 2010

Americans and their gadgets

As the digital world has expanded far beyond the desktop, consumers can now choose from an array of devices capable of satisfying their need for “anytime, anywhere” access to news, information, friends and entertainment.

UncategorizedJune 15, 2009

The State of Music Online: Ten Years After Napster

In the decade since Napster’s launch, selling recorded music has become as much of an art as making the music itself.

UncategorizedFebruary 13, 2009

The Future of Music Policy

The Future of Music Coalition’s Policy Day brings together musicians, techies, policymakers and advocates to discuss the changing music and technology policy landscape.

UncategorizedOctober 8, 2008

When vinyl starts to look good again

Our tracking data from the end of last year shows that the size of the music downloading audience is larger than ever. In the American adult population alone, some 37% of internet users say they download music files online and 7% do so on a typica…

UncategorizedAugust 28, 2008

Podcast Downloading 2008

As gadgets with digital audio capability proliferate, podcast downloading continues to increase. Currently, 19% of all internet users say they have downloaded a podcast.

UncategorizedMay 18, 2008

The Internet and Consumer Choice

The internet plays an important role in how people conduct research for purchases, but it is just one among a variety of sources people use and usually not the key factor in final purchasing decisions.

UncategorizedJanuary 25, 2008

The longest points on the tail of music sales

In the midst of dismal data from the recording industry there are still occasional glimmers of silver lining.

UncategorizedMay 9, 2007

Music, interrupted

International fans of Pandora’s streaming online music service will have to deal with a rude awakening this week when the company is forced to disable accounts based outside of the U.S. due to licensing issues.