UncategorizedOctober 24, 2006

Internet addiction

Is there such a thing as “internet addiction”? A new survey of internet users suggests that a portion of them experience behavioral problems connected to their internet use. Lee Rainie is among the panelists on the program who discuss the findings…

UncategorizedAugust 30, 2006

The Afterlife of Text Messages

A company bought 10 phones on eBay and then “resurrected” information on them.

UncategorizedJune 1, 2006

Latinos and cell phones

Our recent survey about how Americans use and think about their mobile phones revealed notable differences between Latino cell users and whites.

UncategorizedMay 18, 2006

A Cell Phone Solution: Supplementing RDD Samples with Cell Phone Interviews

The representativeness of technology surveys might benefit by supplementing random digital dial survey samples with samples of cell phone users.

UncategorizedMay 15, 2006

Cell phones and survey research

A growing number of Americans rely solely on a cell phone for their telephone service, and many more are considering giving up their landline phones. This presents a challenge to the kind of public opinion polling done by the Pew Internet & Ameri…

UncategorizedMay 9, 2006

The New Media Ecology: How the Internet is Changing Consumer Behavior and Expectations

Lee Rainie describes the changes introduced into the consumer world by the internet, the cell phone, and other technology devices. And he covers some of the major implications of those changes for organizations and businesses that deal with consum…

UncategorizedApril 3, 2006

Americans and their cell phones

How people use their cell phones in emergencies and to fill in their free time.