UncategorizedDecember 30, 2007

Information Searches That Solve Problems

There are several major findings in this report. One is this: For help with a variety of common problems, more people turn to the internet than consult experts or family members to provide information and resources.

UncategorizedNovember 21, 2007

Boot Camp for Internet Addicts?

While South Korea has launched a boot camp for internet addicts, don’t expect any in the U.S. too soon.

UncategorizedOctober 11, 2007

Doctor-directed Health Resources

University of Wisconsin researchers have found that breast cancer patients seemed to benefit from being directed to doctor-approved health information online.

UncategorizedOctober 10, 2007

The Digital Health Revolution

If you really want to get into the topic of how the internet is changing health care, check out Fard Johnmar’s new show, The Digital Health Revolution.

UncategorizedOctober 8, 2007

E-patients With a Disability or Chronic Disease

Just half of adults with chronic conditions use the internet; but once online, they are avid consumers of health information.

UncategorizedSeptember 18, 2007

Online Worlds and Screen Time

Social networks for younger kids – Are online communities and avatar-based social worlds encouraging obesity?

UncategorizedSeptember 7, 2007

Internet Addiction in China

Internet addiction in China has been described as a “severe social problem that could threaten the nation’s future.”

UncategorizedAugust 21, 2007

How Gender Influences Health Searches

Now proven beyond a reasonable doubt: Women are more likely than men to look for health information online.

UncategorizedAugust 20, 2007

Dr. Google and Dr. Microsoft

Keeping an eye on the Dr. Google vs. Dr. Microsoft horserace.

UncategorizedJuly 26, 2007

Social Ties and Obesity

Loved ones not only influence your choice of school, car, or housing — they might influence your choices about smoking, exercise, and food, even if they live hundreds of miles away.