UncategorizedOctober 29, 2006

Online Health Search 2006

Most internet users start at a search engine when looking for health information online. Very few check the source and date of the information they find.

UncategorizedOctober 24, 2006

Internet addiction

Is there such a thing as “internet addiction”? A new survey of internet users suggests that a portion of them experience behavioral problems connected to their internet use. Lee Rainie is among the panelists on the program who discuss the findings…

UncategorizedAugust 10, 2006

Internet Use Among Cancer Patients

E-patients have a huge appetite for high-quality, relevant content.

UncategorizedJune 26, 2006

Cancer and Race

African Americans are over-represented among cancer patients and under-represented among internet users, particularly on some health discussion group sites.

UncategorizedJune 20, 2006

Demographics, Degrees of Internet Access, and Health

This presentation contains a general overview of the internet population, an analysis of African Americans and the internet, and some thoughts about the internet’s impact on health and health care.

UncategorizedMay 2, 2006

Finding Answers Online in Sickness and in Health

As more Americans come online, more rely on the internet for important health information. Fully 58% of those who found the internet to be crucial or important during a loved one’s recent health crisis say the single most important source of informat…

UncategorizedMarch 21, 2006

Blogs and health care

Blogs are part of the bigger story about dramatic change in people’s information environments. This presentation on health-related blogs focuses on their implication for health providers in communicating with patients and caregivers.