UncategorizedNovember 17, 2003

Opportunities and Challenges: Using the Internet for Prevention

Susannah Fox discusses national and California state survey findings.

UncategorizedNovember 3, 2003

The Online Healthcare Revolution and the Rise of e-Patients and e-Caregivers

This presentation is an overview of the Project’s ongoing research about how people use the Internet to get medical and health information.

UncategorizedJuly 16, 2003

Internet Health Resources

Half of American adults have searched online for 16 health topics ranging from disease information to smoking cessation strategies. Health seekers go online to become informed, to prepare for appointments and surgery, to share information, and to see…

UncategorizedDecember 29, 2002

Counting on the Internet: Most find the information they seek, expect

Americans expect to find what they are looking for online in news, health care, government information, and shopping.

UncategorizedMay 22, 2002

Vital Decisions: A Pew Internet Health Report

Disease information, material about weight control, and facts about prescription drugs top the list of interests for health seekers. A typical health seeker searches for medical information only occasionally, and she relies on search engines and mult…

UncategorizedNovember 26, 2000

The Online Health Care Revolution

A great many of the fifty-two million “health seekers” say the resources they find on the Web have a direct effect on the decisions they make about their health care and on their interactions with doctors.