UncategorizedMarch 4, 2008

Recruit doctors. Let e-patients lead. Go mobile.

E-patients are at the center of the health care revolution, but how will Health 2.0 attract and serve the majority, not just the elite?

UncategorizedDecember 19, 2007

The Ever-Changing Footprint of a Report

As is often the case when we release new reports, there are various cycles of commentary that help to deepen the discussion of the findings.

UncategorizedOctober 11, 2007

Doctor-directed Health Resources

University of Wisconsin researchers have found that breast cancer patients seemed to benefit from being directed to doctor-approved health information online.

UncategorizedOctober 10, 2007

The Digital Health Revolution

If you really want to get into the topic of how the internet is changing health care, check out Fard Johnmar’s new show, The Digital Health Revolution.

UncategorizedOctober 8, 2007

E-patients With a Disability or Chronic Disease

Just half of adults with chronic conditions use the internet; but once online, they are avid consumers of health information.

UncategorizedAugust 6, 2007

Poor and Elderly E-patients

This just in: “The Internet appears to be a double-edged sword, assisting in the search for health care information for the poor and elderly while magnifying existing gaps based on other factors.”

UncategorizedJanuary 23, 2006

Medicare D and the Internet

I recently helped my parents enroll in their new Medicare prescription drug plans using the Medicare.gov website…

UncategorizedMay 17, 2005

Health Information Online

Eight in ten internet users have looked online for information on at least one of 16 health topics, with increased interest since 2002 in diet, fitness, drugs, health insurance, experimental treatments, and particular doctors and hospitals.

UncategorizedJune 11, 2004

The Medicare Information Challenge

OK, so a high-stakes financial decision faces a big group of consumers. Most experienced Internet users might say, “So what, I got a great deal on my car last year based on Web research…”

UncategorizedDecember 14, 2003

Wired for Health: How Californians Compare

Low-income Californians are more likely than other low-income Americans to go online and to search for health information. Health insurance, alternative medicine, and experimental treatments are particularly popular topics among Californian Internet …