UncategorizedSeptember 8, 2009

Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase

Susannah Fox will be a special guest at Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase, a one-day event highlighting practical, cutting-edge efforts to build what Tim O’Reilly has called “government as a platform.”

UncategorizedAugust 18, 2009

Uncle Sam and Social Media

Federal agencies can, and should, be the first responders to health questions. Social media can help.

UncategorizedApril 22, 2009

Governing as Social Networking

Lee Rainie discussed the Project’s research about how the internet and cell phones are affecting citizens and how government agencies have new opportunities to plug into citizens’ social networks as they try to solve problems in their lives.

UncategorizedDecember 30, 2008

Post-Election Voter Engagement

Voters expect that the level of public engagement they experienced with Barack Obama during the campaign, much of it occurring online, will continue into the early period of his new administration.

UncategorizedDecember 5, 2008

Joining the Discussion at Change.gov

After a presidential race in which the internet played a huge role in empowering ordinary citizens to participate in the political process, change.gov offers a fascinating look into how the new administration is attempting to replicate this dynami…

UncategorizedDecember 4, 2008

Obama’s Online Opportunities

There is no shortage of suggestions to the incoming Obama administration about what to do about communications policy in the United States. The body of research from the Pew Internet Project, dating to 2000, indicates that online Americans might have…

UncategorizedDecember 30, 2007

Information Searches That Solve Problems

There are several major findings in this report. One is this: For help with a variety of common problems, more people turn to the internet than consult experts or family members to provide information and resources.

UncategorizedSeptember 27, 2007

Gov Gab

USA.gov’s new blog is almost as fun as watching 1970s PSAs on YouTube.

UncategorizedMay 25, 2005

“On Demand” Citizens: e-government at high speed

How Americans get in touch with government and how the advent of high-speed home internet adoption will effect government-citizen interactions.

UncategorizedMay 24, 2004

How Americans Get in Touch With Government

Internet users are increasingly turning to e-government sites to carry out their business with government. But Internet users and non-users alike value having more than one way to get in touch with government.