UncategorizedNovember 3, 2005

“Privacy Online: How Americans feel… the ways they are responding to new threats … and why they are changing their online behavior”

Seven basic things to understand about Americans and their privacy in the internet age.

UncategorizedNovember 3, 2005

Privacy and security online: A status report

Seven things to know about online security and privacy.

UncategorizedJune 21, 2005

The debate over regulating the internet

Comments to the Federal Election Commission show how divided opinion is about bloggers and their role in politics.

UncategorizedApril 28, 2005

Baby v. bathwater

Bill Gates sounds off on music file sharing.

UncategorizedMarch 4, 2005

Search Queries About Social Security

A recent PIP report found that on any given day 38 million Americans consult a search engine. So it stands to reason that, as the national debate about Social Security continues, internet users may turn to search engines for links to sites that m…

UncategorizedFebruary 1, 2005

Canning Spam

The campaign against pornographic spam gains momentum.

UncategorizedJanuary 21, 2005

Bloggers Unite!

As President Bush declares one of his main goals for his second term to be to reform Social Security, a number of bloggers have united in opposition and are using the internet as a tool for political organization and action.

UncategorizedJanuary 14, 2005

Canning Porn Spam

The first Federal Trade Commission complaints against pornography spammers will be cheered by email users.