UncategorizedDecember 22, 2004

New data on internet use and demographics

Our latest survey finds that more than half of home-internet users have broadband connections, and that there are 80 million e-shoppers, and that 14 million have contributed to charity online.

UncategorizedMay 11, 2004

Trends in Internet Adoption and Use: Comparing Minority Groups

The presentation provides data on Internet usage for African American and Hispanic individuals.

UncategorizedApril 13, 2004

The Rise of Wireless Connectivity and PIP’s Latest Findings

In our Internet tracking survey in February, 2004 we recorded our highest readings ever on the number of Internet users who are e-shoppers, the number who participate in online auctions, and the number of Americans who use computers. In addition, we …

UncategorizedMarch 3, 2004

Use of the Internet in places other than home or work

As use of the Internet becomes more appealing and more essential to Americans, a growing number are using multiple locations to go online. And significant numbers are moving beyond the tradition places of access – home and work.