UncategorizedOctober 5, 2005

Digital Divisions

There are clear differences among those with broadband connections, dial-up connections, and no connections at all to the internet.

UncategorizedSeptember 24, 2005

Broadband Adoption at Home: Growing but Slowing

This presentation shows recent trends in home broadband adoption and shows why the growth rates of the recent past are not likely to continue. The pool of remaining dial-up users are older, lower income, and less engaged with the internet than dia…

UncategorizedSeptember 21, 2005

Broadband Adoption in the United States: Growing but Slowing

The growth in home high-speed internet adoption, after growing quickly in the past several years, has slowed down and is poised to slow even further.

UncategorizedMay 25, 2005

“On Demand” Citizens: e-government at high speed

How Americans get in touch with government and how the advent of high-speed home internet adoption will effect government-citizen interactions.

UncategorizedApril 7, 2005

Young people with broadband at home have distinctive news consumption habits

Are we entering an era of “user-generated” online content? We may not quite be there. But if you look at how young people with high-speed connections interface with the news, the phrase “news consumers” doesn’t capture what these people do when th…

UncategorizedApril 1, 2005

Americans’ Consumption of News & Information

This presentation shows pattern of online news consumption, with particular emphasis on how high-speed internet connections help shift the center of news consumption closer to the online world, especially for young internet users.

UncategorizedFebruary 15, 2005

More Americans have home computer networks

Growth in home broadband use and laptop purchases contributes to surge in use of computer networks among multi-computer households

UncategorizedFebruary 10, 2005

Broadband Adoption at Home: Trends & Prospects

UncategorizedJanuary 25, 2005

More Seniors get broadband at home

A growing number of “Silver Surfers” switch to fast online connections