UncategorizedDecember 16, 2010

Generations 2010

Major trends in how different generations of Americans use the internet

UncategorizedSeptember 12, 2008

Podcasting into the Cloud

Today we released new data that helps to trace the outline of the cloud in “cloud computing.”

UncategorizedAugust 28, 2008

Podcast Downloading 2008

As gadgets with digital audio capability proliferate, podcast downloading continues to increase. Currently, 19% of all internet users say they have downloaded a podcast.

UncategorizedNovember 22, 2006

Podcast Downloading

Some 12% of internet users say they have downloaded a podcast so they can listen to it or view it at a later time.

UncategorizedOctober 5, 2006

Riding the Waves of “Web 2.0”

“Web 2.0” has become a catch-all buzzword; the Pew Internet Project and Hitwise provide data to put it in perspective.

UncategorizedApril 3, 2005

Podcasting catches on

More than 6 million American adults have listened to podcasts.

UncategorizedJanuary 26, 2005

Podcasting and Mobcasting

Podcasting is when an audio file is enclosed in an RSS feed and in fact, broadcast to users who have signed up to receive the feed. The recipients can then open up the audio file and either listen to it immediately or …