November 9, 2015

Google Play Store Apps Permissions

There are 1,041,336 apps in this dataset. In all, 165 permissions allow access to device hardware and 70 allow access to various types of user information.

Below on the left is a selection of 18 popular apps from the Google Play Store. Clicking an app icon will show the list of permissions required by each app, as well as some general information about the app. Clicking "view all permissions" will show the full list of 235 permissions an app in this dataset could request. The data below reflects the permissions of each app as of September 2014 when the data for this report was collected. It is possible that the permissions listed below are different in the current versions of each app.
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The definitions for each permission listed above were collected from the descriptions used by app developers to explain each permission. They are highly technical and often difficult to understand and we have left the original language so that the descriptions are accurate, even though ordinary users might struggle to understand what the app is seeking permission to do. The descriptions are current as of fall 2014. The names of these permissions were consistent across apps, although there was some minor variation in how individual apps described these permissions. For example, in some apps the “Prevent Phone from Sleeping” permission were described using the phrasing “Allows the app to prevent the phone from going to sleep,” while others described it using the phrasing “Allows the app to prevent the tablet from going to sleep.” This distinction is minor, and the basic functionality is the same in either case.Permissions can evolve over time and their descriptions may vary slightly now, compared to the text we captured in the data download in 2014. Newer versions of the Android operating system might use different language now from what was used then to describe what permission was being sought. Some of the boxes for apps descriptions are blank because the descriptive language for them is not available.

Source: Google Play Store, June 18-Sept 8, 2014.