The data set contains questions about dot.coms, fears of online crime, music, as well as basic tracking.

UncategorizedApril 24, 2001

The Music Downloading Deluge

Between July-August 2000 and February 2001, the number of American adults who have downloaded music online shot up more than 40%. In another recent survey, 53% of online teens 12-17 reported downloading music.

UncategorizedApril 2, 2001

Fear of Online Crime

Americans are deeply worried about criminal activity online, and these concerns may be a factor in the public’s support of the right of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to intercept criminal suspects’ email.

UncategorizedMarch 16, 2001

Risky Business: Americans see greed, cluelessness behind dot-coms’ comeuppance

Most Americans attribute dot-com difficulties to overeager investors looking for quick payoffs and to the poor business plans of dot-com entrepreneurs.