March 21, 2018

Top 15 posts by user engagement among science-related multiplatform accounts

Facebook posts with the highest number of interactions, January 2014 to June 2017

Page Number of interactions Date of post Title and description of post Primary topic Primary frame
1 National Geographic 1,359,732 Nov. 14, 2015 “Today we are all French. #lovetoParis” (response to Paris terrorist attacks) Non-science Non-science
2 BBC Earth 1,161,401 Oct. 14, 2016 Video preview of Planet Earth II TV series Animal science Promotion/ad
3 BBC Earth 1,034,452 Sept. 28, 2015 Video of volcanic ash cloud sparked by lightning Energy/environment Visual
4 National Geographic 639,201 Aug. 5, 2016 360 degree video of interaction with hammerhead shark Animal science Visual
5 National Geographic 627,604 Sept. 8, 2016 Video of Alpine goats climbing mountains Animal science Explanation of concept
6 National Geographic 589,512 June 20, 2016 “Scientists are concerned that the release of #FindingDory will lead to a demand for blue tangs as pets. Here’s why that’s a huge problem.” (video) Animal science Explanation of concept
7 National Geographic 534,015 May 13, 2017 Video of well-preserved dinosaur fossil found in Canada Archeology New discovery
8 National Geographic 510,280 Feb. 20, 2016 Video of panda playing in snow at Toronto Zoo Animal science Explanation of concept
9 National Geographic 424,362 Nov. 23, 2015 Video of gathering of snakes in Canada Animal science Explanation of concept
10 NASA 404,693 Nov. 19, 2016 Live video of the launch of a weather satellite Astronomy/physics New discovery
11 National Geographic 396,514 Dec. 8, 2016 Discovery of a dinosaur tail preserved in amber (article) Archeology New discovery
12 National Geographic 374,167 May 26, 2014 “Help us caption this photo” contest with picture of monkeys Animal science Call to action
13 Health 372,773 March 11, 2016 Recipe for making oven roasted sweet potato chips (video) Food/nutrition ‘News you can use’
14 National Geographic 363,226 March 2, 2016 360 degree video of Klyuchevskoy, one of the tallest and most active volcanoes on the planet Energy/environment Visual
15 National Geographic 355,856 March 6, 2016 360 degree video of a group of swimming brown bears Animal science Visual

Note: Number of interactions as of June 2017. Interactions include the number of shares, comments, and likes or other reactions. “Multiplatform” includes Facebook pages from established outlets or organizations, such as magazines, TV programs or government agencies.
Source: Pew Research Center analysis of all Facebook posts from 30 science-related pages, January 2014 to June 2017. Data collected from the public Facebook Graph API.
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