UncategorizedDecember 19, 2007

Teens and Social Media

More teens are creating and sharing material on the internet. 28% of online teens have blogs, up from 2004 with growth fueled almost entirely by girls. “Super communicators” rise as email fades as a tool for teens.

UncategorizedDecember 6, 2007

American Teens and Online Safety: What the Research is Telling Us

A short overview of recent data from the Pew Internet Project and others on teens and online safety.

UncategorizedOctober 24, 2007

Parent and Teen Internet Use

Parents view the internet less favorably than in 2004, yet are still engaged with their children’s media consumption. Teens are more likely than their parents to say tech devices are helpful.

UncategorizedOctober 19, 2007

Teens, Social Networking and Web 2.0

Pew Internet Project research on teenagers’ use of social networking applications explores the reasons why these sites are so popular and how they are changing communication patterns and expectations of connectivity among young library patrons.

UncategorizedOctober 14, 2007

Teens and Online Stranger Contact

Girls, teens who post photos or profiles show an increased likelihood to be contacted by people with no connection to them or their friends. Girls are more likely to report contact that made them uncomfortable.

UncategorizedSeptember 24, 2007

Teens, Video Games and Time Use

An article in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine asks how adolescents spent their time, specifically looking at gaming in relation to other online and offline activities, and the relationship between time spent in various ac…

UncategorizedSeptember 18, 2007

Online Worlds and Screen Time

Social networks for younger kids – Are online communities and avatar-based social worlds encouraging obesity?

UncategorizedSeptember 12, 2007

Perceptions of Safety in Social Networks

On Monday, an interview I did with Lexi Ramage of Youth Voices on social networks and perceptions of safety aired

UncategorizedSeptember 7, 2007

Internet Addiction in China

Internet addiction in China has been described as a “severe social problem that could threaten the nation’s future.”

UncategorizedAugust 16, 2007

A Timeline of Teens and Technology

After covering the basics of internet use, this keynote walks the viewer through a timeline of technology in the life of a high school senior and reflects on the technological realities of their lives today.