Presentations Jun. 27, 2010

Four or More: The New Demographic

This presentation highlights new research on teens, young adults and social media use while also identifying a new leading edge group that deserves the same attention: those who own four or more internet-connected devices.

Presentations Oct. 7, 2009

The rise of the e-patient

In this talk to medical librarians, Lee Rainie covered how e-patients and their caregivers have become a force in the medical world. In addition, he looked at the many ways that e-patients are using the internet to research and respond to their he…

Presentations Oct. 2, 2009

State of the Internet 2009: Pew Internet Project Findings and Implications for Libraries

As the internet population has matured over time, binary distinctions between those who are online and offline have given way to a more robust understanding of the assets, actions and attitudes that affect user experience.

Presentations Sep. 16, 2009

Trends in internet use: How public radio fits in

Pew Internet Project data about changes in the online world, different technology users, and how those changes might affect public radio programming.

Commentary Sep. 1, 2009

Multitasking — Lee Rainie on Kojo Nnamdi’s talk show

My appearance on the Kojo Nnamdi talk show on WAMU (a Washington PBS station) about new research on the problems with mutitasking.

Commentary May. 18, 2009

Quiz: What Kind of Tech User Are You?

Take the quiz to find out where you fit in the typology of technology users.

Presentations Apr. 23, 2009

How Users Shape the Mobile Ecosystem

John B. Horrigan discusses how users shape the mobile ecosystem by comparing adoption of the mobile net to adoption of the desktop internet of the 1990s and by focusing on the “motivated by mobility” groups from the Project’s The Mobile Difference…

Presentations Mar. 30, 2009

Friending Libraries: Why libraries can become nodes in people’s social networks

Lee Rainie discussed Pew Internet’s latest tech-user findings and why they suggest that libraries can play a role in people’s social networks in the future.

Report Mar. 25, 2009

The Mobile Difference

Wireless connectivity has drawn many users more deeply into digital life.

Commentary Nov. 21, 2008

User attitudes vary about broken – and healthy – technologies

While in a recent report we discussed the malaise of some users when their technology fails, we have found in previous reports that negative feelings are not isolated to broken gadg…