Presentations Apr. 9, 2014

Millennials and Libraries

Lee Rainie discussed the project’s research about younger Americans and how libraries fit into their lives.

Report Aug. 22, 2013

Teens and Mobile Apps Privacy

58% of American teens have downloaded an app to a cell phone or tablet. More than half of teen apps users have avoided an app due to concerns about sharing their personal information.

Report Mar. 13, 2013

Teens and Technology 2013

Smartphone adoption among teens has increased substantially and mobile access to the internet is pervasive. One in four teens are “cell-mostly” internet users, who say they mostly go online using their phone.

Report Nov. 1, 2012

How Teens Do Research in the Digital World

A survey of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers finds that teens’ research habits are changing in the digital age

Report Feb. 29, 2012

Millennials will benefit and suffer due to their hyperconnected lives

A Pew Internet/Elon University survey reveals experts’ hopes and fears about the hyperconnected generation, from their ability to juggle many tasks to their thirst for instant gratification and lack of patience.

Presentations Feb. 18, 2012

Speaking the language of the next generation

How the Millennials Generation consumes, produces, and shares information

Presentations Jul. 13, 2011

The State of Millennials (slides)

Lee Rainie presents a compendium of recent data that focuses on key behavioral statistics of the Millennial Generation.

Commentary Jul. 5, 2011

Teen data resources at

A brief overview of our teens research and resources, including some brand-new data offerings.

Presentations Apr. 7, 2011

“How Do [They] Even Do That?” Myths and Facts About the Impact of Technology on the Lives of American Teens

This talk explores commonly held assumptions about how teens and young adults use technology. Do teens really send that many text messages a day? Is Twitter the next big thing among young adults? Are landlines obsolete?

Report Feb. 3, 2011

Generations and their gadgets

While many devices have become popular across generations, younger adults are leading the way in increased mobility, preferring laptops to desktops and using their cell phones for a variety of functions.