PresentationsSeptember 19, 2013

Marketing in the networked age

How the new media ecosystem has affected marketing

PresentationsJune 25, 2013

Teens, Social Media, and Privacy: Reputation management, third party access, & exposure to advertising

Amanda Lenhart briefed the State of Maryland’s Children’s Online Privacy Working Group at the Attorney General’s Office in Baltimore on the findings from the Teens, Social Media and Privacy report.

PresentationsApril 19, 2013

The State of Digital Marketing in the Networked Age

Pew Internet Director Lee Rainie will discuss the Project’s latest research into internet trends, mobile connectivity, and use of social media and what they mean for marketers.

Multi-section ReportsMarch 14, 2011

How mobile devices are changing community information environments

47% of American adults use their cellphones and tablet computers to get local news and information

Multi-section ReportsMarch 15, 2010

The Economics of Online News

Excerpts from material contributed by the Pew Internet Project to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism “State of the News Media” report.

CommentaryMarch 15, 2010

Lee Rainie talks with Media Life about the economics of online news

CommentaryFebruary 26, 2009

Ads in Google news aren’t entirely relevant — yet

Google has started placing ads on Google News pages. How’s that working out?

CommentaryNovember 12, 2007

Amicus Brief Alert

How the Fair Housing Act intersected with Pew Internet Project data via Craigslist.

CommentaryOctober 31, 2007

Microsoft and Facebook

How is Facebook planning to make money?

CommentaryMarch 13, 2006

Catch Walt Mossberg’s Act

Walt Mossberg’s entertaining rant at the Anti-Spyware Coalition meeting was captured on video and is worth a listen.