UncategorizedDecember 30, 2007

Information Searches That Solve Problems

There are several major findings in this report. One is this: For help with a variety of common problems, more people turn to the internet than consult experts or family members to provide information and resources.

UncategorizedDecember 30, 2007

The new information order

Where do you turn when you have a problem? Family and friends? Experts? Internet searches? Libraries?
We asked those and a variety of other questions on a recent survey and found some surprising things.

UncategorizedDecember 12, 2007

Could broadband help the environment?

With environmentally friendly solutions a hot topic, switching to broadband could be one of the easiest ways for you to reduce emissions, according to a new report.

UncategorizedNovember 26, 2007

Is it possible to end the opposition between books and the internet?

Is it possible to end the opposition between books and the internet?

UncategorizedNovember 5, 2007

Homo Connectus: The impact of technology on people’s everyday lives

This is a general discussion of the hallmarks of the new digital ecosystem and some of the changes that have occurred to people’s relationship to each other and people’s relationship to information and media.

UncategorizedOctober 29, 2007

2.0 and the Internet World

This is a rundown of the Pew Internet & American Life Project’s most recent findings related to internet use, especially Web 2.0 activities. It also goes through the Project’s new tech-user typology and the implications of the Project’s findings f…

UncategorizedOctober 18, 2007

Broadband: What’s All the Fuss About?

The impacts of high-speed connections extend beyond access to information to active participation in the online commons

UncategorizedOctober 10, 2007

The Digital Health Revolution

If you really want to get into the topic of how the internet is changing health care, check out Fard Johnmar’s new show, The Digital Health Revolution.

UncategorizedAugust 7, 2007

This is Library 2.0

I must admit, when I think about the cutting-edge institutions that are leading us into the future, Topeka, Kansas is not usually the first thing that comes to mind.

UncategorizedAugust 2, 2007

Teens, Libraries and Web 2.0: Snapshots from a new media landscape

This presentation examines technology use by young patrons and suggests how the behavior and expectations of young internet users might shape the libraries of the future.