This data set includes questions about the influence of the internet on major life decisions.

Multi-section ReportsApril 19, 2006

The Internet’s Growing Role in Life’s Major Moments

60 million Americans say that the internet helped them make big decisions or negotiate their way through major episodes in their lives.

Multi-section ReportsJune 20, 2005

Use of web cams

One out of six American adult internet users (16%) have gone online to view another person or a place via a web cam.

Multi-section ReportsJune 17, 2005

Online sports fantasy leagues

One in 12 adult American internet users participates in sports fantasy leagues online.

Multi-section ReportsJune 8, 2005

Do-it-yourself Information

Some 55% of adult internet users have looked for “how-to,” “do-it-yourself” or repair information online.