Multi-section ReportsMarch 3, 2004

Use of the Internet in places other than home or work

As use of the Internet becomes more appealing and more essential to Americans, a growing number are using multiple locations to go online. And significant numbers are moving beyond the tradition places of access – home and work.

Multi-section ReportsFebruary 29, 2004

Content Creation Online

More than 53 million American adults have used the Internet to publish their thoughts, respond to others, post pictures, share files and otherwise contribute to the explosion of content available online.

Multi-section ReportsFebruary 17, 2004

Rural Areas and the Internet

This report provides a portrait of rural America’s Internet users, the activities they pursue online and their attitudes about the Internet compared to online Americans in urban and suburban communities

Multi-section ReportsJuly 31, 2003

Music Downloading, File-sharing and Copyright

The number of American adults downloading music continues to grow and two-thirds of those who download or share files say they don’t care whether the files are copyrighted or not.

Pew Research CenterMay 1, 2003

March-May 2003 Data Set

In addition to tracking questions, this dataset also contains questions about content creation, weblogs (“blogs”), newsgroup participation and Web diaries.