Multi-section ReportsDecember 3, 2000

Internet Election News Audience Seeks Convenience, Familiar Names

As the audience for online campaign news has expanded—increasing fourfold over the past four years—it has gone more mainstream in its preferences and pursuits.

Multi-section ReportsNovember 26, 2000

The Online Health Care Revolution

A great many of the fifty-two million “health seekers” say the resources they find on the Web have a direct effect on the decisions they make about their health care and on their interactions with doctors.

Multi-section ReportsSeptember 28, 2000

Downloading Free Music

Music downloaders exhibit little concern for copyright protections, but about half also say that they are still buying music that they’ve sampled online.

Pew Research CenterJuly 1, 2000

July-August 2000 Survey Data

Contains basic tracking data, plus 2000 Presidential campaign questions, questions about health care use and privacy concerns, and online music use.