Multi-section ReportsJuly 3, 2002

Search Engines

85% of American Internet users have ever used an online search engine to find information on the Web and 29% of Internet users rely on a search engine on a typical day. Only the act of sending or reading email outranks search-engine queries as an on…

Multi-section ReportsNovember 14, 2001

The dot-com meltdown and the Web

Some Americans’ Internet experiences are beginning to be affected by the dot-com meltdown, but the vast majority of them are making quick adjustments to get the Web content and services they like without paying extra money

Pew Research CenterSeptember 10, 2001

August-September 2001 Data Set (fielded until 9/10/01)

This data set contains question about people’s perception of the dot-com crash, how people use online search engines, as well as basic tracking.