UncategorizedJuly 5, 2011

Teen data resources at pewinternet.org

A brief overview of our teens research and resources, including some brand-new data offerings.

CommentaryMay 25, 2011

Peer-to-peer Healthcare: Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Obvious.

Is “peer-to-peer healthcare” an idea whose time has come? Evidence and recent examples.

UncategorizedMay 20, 2011

New data resources at pewinternet.org

A guide to data resources on our site, including recent changes to our data sets.

UncategorizedApril 6, 2011

Health Surveys 2000-10

Over 200 pages of health-related survey questions fielded by the Pew Internet Project.

UncategorizedApril 4, 2011

Peer-to-peer healthcare on NPR

Macro and micro health news and how the two combined to create one great story about online communities.

UncategorizedMarch 23, 2011

What if information spread more quickly than a virus?

What if all the knowledge and insights shared at a White House event on HIV/AIDS could be shared across all the social networks that people have access to?

UncategorizedJanuary 26, 2011

What people living with disability can teach us

People living with disability are less likely than other adults in the U.S. to use the internet: 54%, compared with 81%. The first question many people ask when they hear that is, Why? The second is, What can be done? The third is, or should be, W…

UncategorizedDecember 15, 2010

Global Publics Embrace Social Networking

Although still a relatively young technology, social networking is already a global phenomenon.

UncategorizedDecember 10, 2010

Going Viral Against HIV

A one-day forum on social media, HIV, and sexually transmitted infections turned out to be an unfiltered discussion of love, truth, and technology.

UncategorizedDecember 1, 2010

Is the age at which kids get cell phones getting younger?

What is the average age at which American kids get cell phones? and is it getting younger?