UncategorizedDecember 15, 2006

U.S. Census Bureau Releases 2007 Abstract

It’s that time of year again, when data-hungry researchers and citizens get the early Christmas gift of the Statistical Abstract of the United States.

UncategorizedDecember 13, 2006

Young, Restless, Looking to Move

51% of internet users ages 18 to 29 have looked online for housing information and 9% do so on a typical day.

UncategorizedNovember 29, 2006

Teens, IM and Mark Foley

Now that the election is long past and the Mark Foley scandal is perhaps a slightly less inflammatory subject, we can address some of the inquiries that we’ve gotten about young people and instant messaging.

UncategorizedNovember 28, 2006

Virtual tours

More than half of internet users have taken virtual tours — nearly doubling the number who had done so in late 2004.

UncategorizedNovember 10, 2006

Participation 2.0

As we’ve seen during this election season, participating online can also motivate users to participate offline.

UncategorizedSeptember 28, 2006

New Workers, New Workplaces

Young workers who have grown up with the internet, cell phones, video games, iPods, and digital cameras are different from their elders. Those who are now hiring the young “digital natives” need to recognize how they have grown up in a unique worl…

UncategorizedSeptember 19, 2006

Online Traffic Jam

Three perspectives on measuring online traffic.

UncategorizedAugust 30, 2006

The Afterlife of Text Messages

A company bought 10 phones on eBay and then “resurrected” information on them.

UncategorizedAugust 25, 2006

New Data on How Americans Use the Internet

Those who are regular users of our data will find that we’ve recently posted an updated and reorganized version of our “Usage Over Time” spreadsheet in the Latest Trends section of our website.

UncategorizedAugust 10, 2006

Internet Use Among Cancer Patients

E-patients have a huge appetite for high-quality, relevant content.