UncategorizedJune 8, 2010

Health 2.0 DC: Passion and Execution at Scale

I think conferences are deeply affected by the spirit of their host city. San Francisco has its hackers and dreamers, Boston has its entrepreneurs and ivy, Paris has its pomp and worldliness. At Health 2.0 DC yesterday, my city showed that it ha…

UncategorizedJune 3, 2010

The State of Online Video

69% of online adults have used the internet to watch or download video, with 18-29 year-olds leading the way. Comedy has supplanted news as the most viewed type of video online.

UncategorizedJune 2, 2010

Making Health Data Sing (Even If It’s A Familiar Song)

The innovators being showcased today at the Community Health Data Initiative event are examples of people who want to talk about health disparities AND do something about it.

UncategorizedMay 28, 2010

Lessons and Highlights from the Gov 2.0 Expo

The Gov 2.0 Expo was a smorgasbord of policy, technology, and citizen engagement. Aaron Smith and Susannah Fox share their notes.

UncategorizedMay 26, 2010

Reputation Management and Social Media

How people monitor and maintain their identity through search and social media.

UncategorizedMay 21, 2010

A New Conversation About Health Privacy

Mobile, social technologies are tapping in to a human need to connect with each other, to share, to lend a helping hand, and to laugh. I’d like to start a conversation about health privacy that includes an open dialogue about the risks and benefit…

UncategorizedMay 20, 2010

Assessing The Cell Phone Challenge

A joint study by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and the Pew Internet & American Life Project takes an up-to-date look at the potential biases in findings based on landline-only surveys.

UncategorizedMay 18, 2010

Explaining racial differences in attitudes towards government use of social media

How do we explain the disparity between African-Americans’ and Hispanics’ views of the importance of government social media versus whites?

UncategorizedMay 13, 2010

Participant-Entrepreneurs: Innovating Toward Better Health

Not content to stand by and let other people innovate for them, participant-entrepreneurs are creating the services, devices, and communities they need.

UncategorizedMay 11, 2010

Frequently Asked (But Unanswered) Questions About E-Patients

As I’ve written before, I love questions. It’s an honor to be handed someone’s nascent idea and to help them shape it (which is what I think a question really is). But this time I’m asking for YOUR input.