UncategorizedApril 15, 2008

Health Care Consumerism

Deloitte has created a new health consumer typology that is worth checking out, despite their reliance on an online-only sample.

UncategorizedApril 14, 2008

Libraries Solve Problems

Can libraries hack it in the internet age? A Pew Internet study finds that the public says “yes, and there are further ‘market opportunities’ to explore.”

UncategorizedApril 11, 2008

Keeping tabs on our Google twins

A recent New York Times article suggests another reason why people are motivated to search for content connected to their names online: to check up on how their “Google twins” are doing from time to time.

UncategorizedApril 7, 2008

Team China

Another example of how Chinese newspapers, websites, and internet users react in harmony and rally on many issues: “People ‘sign up’ to slam media bias.”

UncategorizedApril 4, 2008

Teens and Privacy Story on NPR

Pew Internet Project researcher Mary Madden recently appeared on “All Things Considered” to discuss teens, social networking and privacy choices online.

UncategorizedApril 3, 2008

“Self-literacy” in the information age

Over time, we may change the way we think about the persistence of the information we share in public and semi-public spaces. But at the moment, many adults are blissfully unaware of even the most basic information that might be found through a si…

UncategorizedMarch 25, 2008

Mobile internet moves into the mainstream

As consumer demand for on-the-go internet increases, technology companies are scrambling to grab a piece of the market.

UncategorizedMarch 24, 2008

Recruit doctors. Let e-patients lead. Go mobile.

E-patients are at the center of the health care revolution, but how will Health 2.0 attract and serve the majority, not just the elite?

UncategorizedMarch 12, 2008

Freedom to Connect conference, March 31 & April 1

Horrigan to speak on The State of the Internet at Freedom to Connect conference.

UncategorizedMarch 11, 2008

Online Boys: Not Just Wallflowers

Teen girls have already laid their claim to many corners of the creative Web. So what are the boys up to?