UncategorizedJuly 18, 2008

Doctors’ Digital Footprints

A recent JAMA article warns doctors to follow their own digital footprints since patients may be doing so already. But is searching for information about a doctor so different from searching for information about a neighbor, classmate, or colleague?

UncategorizedJuly 11, 2008

Do we have a right to online privacy?

The Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on Wednesday about the privacy implications of online advertising.

UncategorizedJuly 9, 2008

Degrees of Access (May 2008 data)

Three “thermometers” of access show the disparities among various groups when it comes to internet access, cell phone use, and broadband access at home.

UncategorizedJuly 7, 2008

Patriotic Participation

Something important is afoot in the land when people are able to access and share “industrial strength” information instead of being satisfied with the “consumer strength” information previously offered to them.

UncategorizedJuly 3, 2008

Internet Safety Town Hall

On June 30th, Amanda participated in an Internet Safety Town Hall for educators

UncategorizedJuly 2, 2008

Home Broadband 2008

Some 55% of all adult Americans now have a high-speed internet connection at home. The percentage of Americans with broadband at home has grown from 47% in early 2007.

UncategorizedJuly 1, 2008

The Future of the Pew Internet Project

July 1 marks the first day of our new two-year grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts.

UncategorizedJune 25, 2008

Anthropology of YouTube

The Library of Congress invited Michael Wesch to deliver the third of four “Digital Natives” lectures. Wesch, creator of the world-famous YouTube video, “The Machine is Us/ing Us,” presented the “Anthropology of YouTube” to a packed, fascinated …

UncategorizedJune 23, 2008

Participatory Medicine at NIH

I always suspect that audience members have as much to share as I have to say. So when Mary Madden and I received an invitation to speak at the Na…

UncategorizedJune 20, 2008

Data and Insights on Minority Populations

Our sample sizes for health surveys have been too small to do in-depth analysis on race/ethnicity and economic status. One challenge is that a significant portion of the respondent pool refuses to answer the household income question (the refusal…