UncategorizedJune 28, 2007

Libraries, Older Adults & Technology

Older adults are less likely than younger adults to go online, but there are exceptions — those who “feel” and “do” younger than their chronological age.

UncategorizedJune 27, 2007


About a third of online teens say they have been targets of online harassement. Older girls and intense internet users are the most likely to report these experiences.

UncategorizedJune 26, 2007

Public Policy and The Future of the Internet

What forces will shape the internet in the next decade?

UncategorizedJune 21, 2007

The Internet Circa 1998

In 1998, 57% of non-internet users said they worry “not at all” about missing out on something by not going online.

UncategorizedJune 20, 2007

Don’t Blame Me: It’s the Phone’s Fault!

Pew Internet’s typology of information and communications technology users tells us a lot about how far along we are — or aren’t — in the "information society."

UncategorizedJune 18, 2007

China’s eBay-MySpace

In China, there is a virtual meeting place for people who have social connections to buy or sell.

UncategorizedJune 13, 2007

Online Patient Groups

12% of internet users participate in an online patient group.

UncategorizedMay 23, 2007

Spam 2007

37% of email users said spam had increased in their personal email accounts, up from 28% of email users who said that two years ago.

UncategorizedMay 22, 2007

Health Data Geeks’ Wisdom

Cancer “weather maps,” the age of biology, and how cell-only adults really are different from landline users.

UncategorizedMay 19, 2007

The internet and politics

Statistics about the use of the internet for politics and e-government presented to the Personal Democracy Forum