UncategorizedJuly 23, 2007

New fireworks with China’s internet population

New fireworks with China’s internet population.

UncategorizedJuly 20, 2007

Olympics Online

There is a new entry in Beijing’s 2008 Olympic Games: the internet.

UncategorizedJuly 19, 2007


A recent article about hip librarians (and a visit from Gary Price) sent me back to ResourceShelf.com.

UncategorizedJuly 18, 2007

“Good enough” technology

MP3s, dishwashers, can openers, and Twitter are examples of "good enough" technologies.

UncategorizedJuly 17, 2007

Bloggers and Reporters on China’s Internet Population

From blogs on world health care to public radio’s The World, there were many interpretations of last week’s report on China’s internet population.

UncategorizedJuly 16, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Midmorning Show: Social Networking Sites and Teens

A recent Minnesota Public Radio show on social networking sites and teens should be of special interest to parents, educators, researchers and anyone interested in the way digital communication is shaping the lives of young people.

UncategorizedJuly 13, 2007

Zombies and Alter Egos at the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission’s Spam Summit was an occasion to celebrate the (limited) success of the CAN-SPAM Act and to discuss the latest criminal threats online.

UncategorizedJuly 12, 2007

Dispatches from China

If today’s essay on China piques your interest, check out some other dispatches from Deborah Fallows.

UncategorizedJuly 11, 2007

Spam Summit 2007

The typical citizen response to discovering that their computer is part of a botnet: “I thought it was running slow recently.”

UncategorizedJuly 3, 2007

Home Broadband Adoption 2007

47% of adults have high-speed internet connections at home as of early March 2007, up five percentage points from a year earlier.