UncategorizedAugust 3, 2007

The online and offline travel experience in China

Many things make living in China harder than living in the US — breathing the air, drinking the water, driving the roads — but here is one exception: taking a domestic air trip.

UncategorizedAugust 2, 2007

The YouTube Debate Debate

Despite some criticisms of the format, why are the major GOP candidates wary of the YouTube debates?

UncategorizedAugust 1, 2007

Closing the Broadband Divide

When you look at the data on Americans without broadband at home, it suggests it will take time to get these holdouts off the digital sidelines.

UncategorizedJuly 31, 2007

Neighborhood Scouts

Aerial mapping, database mash-ups, and other online scouts.

UncategorizedJuly 31, 2007

What are parents doing to protect teens online?

Recent headlines about the discovery and removal of 29,000 registered sex offenders on MySpace have added fuel to the fiery debate about the safety of online social networks.

UncategorizedJuly 27, 2007

The Simpsons and their fanatic fans

Media in the age of mash-ups.

UncategorizedJuly 26, 2007

Social Ties and Obesity

Loved ones not only influence your choice of school, car, or housing — they might influence your choices about smoking, exercise, and food, even if they live hundreds of miles away.

UncategorizedJuly 25, 2007

Online Video

The growing adoption of broadband combined with a dramatic push by content providers to promote online video has helped to pave the way for mainstream audiences to embrace online video viewing. Fifty-seven percent of online adults have used the inter…

UncategorizedJuly 25, 2007

YouTube Debate

View a recap of Monday’s presidential debate.

UncategorizedJuly 24, 2007

Second Screen Experiences

Expert perspectives on "second screen experiences" at a Web Managers Roundtable.