UncategorizedAugust 21, 2007

How Gender Influences Health Searches

Now proven beyond a reasonable doubt: Women are more likely than men to look for health information online.

UncategorizedAugust 20, 2007

Dr. Google and Dr. Microsoft

Keeping an eye on the Dr. Google vs. Dr. Microsoft horserace.

UncategorizedAugust 15, 2007

Will Comedians Take Stand-Up to Stand?

In what’s promising to be one of the more entertaining intellectual property court hearings to date, comedians Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have been requested as witnesses in the Viacom vs. YouTube case.

UncategorizedAugust 14, 2007

Facebook Your Future Roommate

Remember the anticipation you felt on your first day of college? Showing up to your dorm and wondering what your freshman year roommate would be like? You might have even spoken with your assigned roommate on the phone, and maybe you were wonder…

UncategorizedAugust 13, 2007

Cyber Opinion in China

Reports on monitoring and censorship of Chinese internet content, particularly news and blogs, are familiar to westerners. We are less familiar with editorials praising a Party official’s meeting with a “netizen,” wishing for a day when it was les…

UncategorizedAugust 10, 2007

New Research From JCMC

A new issue of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication was recently published online, with articles on topics ranging from Facebook to online fantasy sports.

UncategorizedAugust 9, 2007

Search Privacy Practices

What if your search queries for the last 18 months were archived along with your IP address? Would anything embarrassing come up, like how many times you searched for your own name or the name of your ex?

UncategorizedAugust 8, 2007

YouTube Suit Gets Backup Band

The National Music Publisher’s Association recently joined the YouTube class action copyright infringement suit, along with the likes of Viacom and those who started the Zidane-style retaliatory headbutting in the first place (none other than the …

UncategorizedAugust 7, 2007

This is Library 2.0

I must admit, when I think about the cutting-edge institutions that are leading us into the future, Topeka, Kansas is not usually the first thing that comes to mind.

UncategorizedAugust 6, 2007

Poor and Elderly E-patients

This just in: “The Internet appears to be a double-edged sword, assisting in the search for health care information for the poor and elderly while magnifying existing gaps based on other factors.”