UncategorizedMarch 21, 2005

College Searching Online

The majority of teens and nearly half of online adults use the internet to search for colleges or schools.

UncategorizedMarch 18, 2005

Th-Th-Th-That’s Appalling, Folks!

If an advocacy group takes a satirical chainsaw to a powerful target on the internet, will anybody hear it?

UncategorizedMarch 17, 2005

Protecting Teens Online

54% of parents with teenagers use internet filters – a big jump from 2000. Yet both teens and parents believe that youth do things online that their parents would not like.

UncategorizedMarch 16, 2005

More Wired Seniors than Ever

26% of Americans age 65+ go online.

UncategorizedMarch 15, 2005

Creative Commons Search Engine

Creative Commons recently launched an updated beta version of its search engine

UncategorizedMarch 14, 2005

The Rise of Cell Phone Text Messaging

36 million American adults use their cell phones for sending text messages

UncategorizedMarch 9, 2005

Niche Markets for Knowledge

Are file sharing and peer-to-peer networks changing the way we think?

UncategorizedMarch 7, 2005

The Politics of Spam

Data on how Americans’ feel about emails from politicians or interest groups.

UncategorizedMarch 6, 2005

The Internet and Campaign 2004

75 million Americans used the internet in the last campaign to get political news and information, discuss candidates and debate issues in emails, or participate directly in the political process by volunteering or giving contributions to candidates….

UncategorizedMarch 6, 2005

Commentary on the impact of the internet on the 2004 election

The internet made a difference in the campaign because of the multiple ways it can be used. This commentary accompanies a report on the internet and the election.