UncategorizedApril 10, 2005

Spam and Phishing

More than a year after the CAN-SPAM Act became law, email users say they are receiving slightly more spam in their inboxes than before, but they are minding it less.

UncategorizedApril 7, 2005

Young people with broadband at home have distinctive news consumption habits

Are we entering an era of “user-generated” online content? We may not quite be there. But if you look at how young people with high-speed connections interface with the news, the phrase “news consumers” doesn’t capture what these people do when th…

UncategorizedApril 6, 2005

We Stand By Our Data

We are seeking a correction to two stories which appeared regarding our recent podcasting data memo.

UncategorizedApril 5, 2005

Activities Spreadsheet Updated with January 2005 data

As our research on internet activities evolves, the list of online pastimes that we study continues to grow.

UncategorizedApril 3, 2005

Podcasting catches on

More than 6 million American adults have listened to podcasts.

UncategorizedApril 1, 2005

A New Public Square? No Fooling.

The Federal Election Commission opens public comment for sixty days on Monday, April 4 regarding its plan to renovate the online space for national politics. Sound ambitious? It is.

UncategorizedMarch 30, 2005

Financial Information Searches: Steady As She Goes

Why has online banking surged and financial information searches have remained steady at 44%? An off-the-cuff theory.

UncategorizedMarch 29, 2005

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in File-Sharing Case

Although long lines prevented me from entering the courtroom today to witness the arguments firsthand, the scene outside the hearing was also a fascinating microcosm of the parties affected by this debate.

UncategorizedMarch 27, 2005

Stories about the impact of the internet

We ask people to tell us about the ways they have been affected by their use of the internet and here are some memorable ones.

UncategorizedMarch 23, 2005

No Search Engine Can Answer My Question

Are British search engine users really smarter than Americans?