UncategorizedApril 28, 2005

Baby v. bathwater

Bill Gates sounds off on music file sharing.

UncategorizedApril 26, 2005

Picture This

“Pictorial passwords” make logging in a bit like a personal concentration game.

UncategorizedApril 22, 2005

Eustace Tilley Moves On

The New Yorker magazine begins to figure out the internet.

UncategorizedApril 21, 2005

Free internet data

Going back to March 2000 and the dawn of the Pew Internet Project we have posted our survey data and some new data sets are now available.

UncategorizedApril 20, 2005

Lots of Americans do research for their jobs online

Justice Kennedy, and other Justices who may do research online for Court opinions, are joined by about 27 million other adult Americans who use the internet to conduct research connected to their jobs.

UncategorizedApril 19, 2005

White Smoke and the Pope Blog

Despite the rapturous speed with which the news of the newly elected Pope disseminated in digital bits and bytes throughout the world today, the source that first announced the breaking story was the same brick-and-mortar reporter we’ve relied on …

UncategorizedApril 15, 2005

Meetup Says ‘Pony Up’

Meetup.com, the favorite web business of political sociologists, announced yesterday that it will institute a fee for its community organizing service beginning May 1.

UncategorizedApril 14, 2005

Virtual VOA

There is a new online cat-and-mouse game between the United States and China, the two internet superpowers.

UncategorizedApril 13, 2005

Pictures Don’t Lie

Google Maps takes “vanity searches” to a whole new level.

UncategorizedApril 12, 2005

Netting Your Nuptials

Maybe it was the news of the royal wedding last weekend, or maybe it’s my own personal experience with wedding planning, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the role the internet plays in planning, promoting and archiving a major life event …