UncategorizedJuly 6, 2005


Spyware and the threat of unwanted programs being secretly loaded onto computers are becoming serious threats online.

UncategorizedJune 30, 2005

Pew Internet Project Reports Cited in Grokster Supreme Court Documents

Pew Internet Project reports were recently cited in several Supreme Court documents relating to the MGM v. Grokster case.

UncategorizedJune 27, 2005

Online newspapers gain a foothold

New research shows that the Web sites of newspapers are gaining ground.

UncategorizedJune 24, 2005

Anticipating the Supreme Court Grokster ruling

Our surveys shed light on public and elite attitudes about free online file sharing and copyright.

UncategorizedJune 21, 2005

The debate over regulating the internet

Comments to the Federal Election Commission show how divided opinion is about bloggers and their role in politics.

UncategorizedJune 20, 2005

Use of web cams

One out of six American adult internet users (16%) have gone online to view another person or a place via a web cam.

UncategorizedJune 17, 2005

Online sports fantasy leagues

One in 12 adult American internet users participates in sports fantasy leagues online.

UncategorizedJune 17, 2005

eBay Rides the Wave

Our surveys now show that one in four internet users have tried their hand at online auctions, and that the absolute number of online auction participants has been growing along with the overall internet population.

UncategorizedJune 16, 2005

Informed Patients

Millions of Americans will welcome new access to industrial-strength health information — but they’ll miss the articles from one major journal.

UncategorizedJune 8, 2005

Do-it-yourself Information

Some 55% of adult internet users have looked for “how-to,” “do-it-yourself” or repair information online.