UncategorizedJuly 6, 2004

Listserv Campaigning Heats Up

A flap over Der Führer shows how new technology is changing grassroots politicking…

UncategorizedJuly 2, 2004

Email in Court

A federal appeals court decision handed down on June 29 has the potential to change the way ISPs monitor email – but how many Americans will hear about it? And how many will u…

UncategorizedJune 27, 2004

VoIP Awareness in America

While telephone calling using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has attracted considerable attention in the business community and among policymakers, 27% of Internet users in the United States – or 17% of all Americans – have heard of the service….

UncategorizedJune 23, 2004

DMCA Reform Being Considered

As usual, the recording industry, the technology sector, consumer advocates and policy makers are having difficulty finding common ground on this issue, to say the least. But how do the musicians…

UncategorizedJune 11, 2004

The Medicare Information Challenge

OK, so a high-stakes financial decision faces a big group of consumers. Most experienced Internet users might say, “So what, I got a great deal on my car last year based on Web research…”

UncategorizedJune 3, 2004


A lot has happened in the world of spam since we issued our major report in October, 2003

UncategorizedJune 1, 2004

The Introduction to PIP Comments

Over the past few years at the Pew Internet Project, we’ve found that we continue talking among ourselves about some Internet topics long after we have issued formal reports on them…

UncategorizedMay 24, 2004

How Americans Get in Touch With Government

Internet users are increasingly turning to e-government sites to carry out their business with government. But Internet users and non-users alike value having more than one way to get in touch with government.

UncategorizedMay 12, 2004

28% of American adults are wireless ready

According to a March 2004 survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 28% of Americans – and fully 41% of all Internet users – have within the past month used a laptop that can connect wirelessly to the Internet or a cell phone that lets t…

UncategorizedApril 30, 2004

Preliminary results of survey of musicians

Between March 15 and April 15 of this year, 2,755 musicians and songwriters responded to a Web-based survey about the way they use the Internet and their views on a host of public policy questions related to copyright and music file-sharing on the In…