Multi-section ReportsDecember 23, 2011

The civic and community engagement of religiously active Americans

Those who are active in church, religious, or spiritual organizations are often more deeply involved in their communities than those who are not members of such groups.

PresentationsSeptember 21, 2011

Are consumers really networked? And, if they are, should you care?

Senior Fellow Jim Jansen is speaking at Advance 2011: Rediscovering the consumer.

PresentationsApril 5, 2011

Paying Up Online: An interview with Jim Jansen

An interview with Senior Fellow Jim Jansen, recorded at the “Buying & Selling EContent” Conference, about paying for online content. (With downloadable audio and transcript)

PresentationsMarch 28, 2011

People Actually Do Pay for Online Content

On March 28, 2011, Senior Fellow Jim Jansen gave the opening keynote address at theBuying & Selling eContent 2011, held March 28-30 in Scottsdale, AR.

Multi-section ReportsDecember 30, 2010

65% of internet users have paid for online content

65% of internet users have paid to access or download some kind of digital content. Music and software are the most common kinds of content purchased.

Multi-section ReportsNovember 24, 2010

Use of the internet in higher-income households

Those in households earning over $75,000 are different from other Americans in their tech ownership and use.

Multi-section ReportsSeptember 29, 2010

Online Product Research

58% of Americans have researched a product or service online; 24% have posted comments or reviews online about the things they buy.