UncategorizedOctober 19, 2008

Networked Families

The internet and cell phones have become central components of modern family life. Among all household types, the traditional nuclear family has the highest rate of technology usage and ownership.

UncategorizedMay 13, 2008

What is reading?

Our recent study found there is a reciprocal relationship between different forms of media as electronic conventions seep, spring and even surge onto the printed page. The que…

UncategorizedNovember 9, 2007

Should I Classmate, Mixi or Orkut?

Should I Classmate, Mixi or Orkut? A simpleton’s guide to social networking.

UncategorizedOctober 29, 2007

The Velveteen Rabbit

Recently the Pew Internet Project conducted an informal, online survey about people’s “personal history of internet use.” There was an amazing richness to the personal stories we received and this is a selection of what you had to say.