Report Jan. 11, 2008

The Internet Gains in Politics

The internet is living up to its potential as a major source for news about the presidential campaign. Nearly a quarter of Americans (24%) say they regularly learn something about the campaign from the internet, almost the double the percentage from …

Report Jan. 11, 2004

Cable and Internet Loom Large in Fragmented Political News Universe

We have a new poll that shows cable news and the Internet are looming larger this year as sources of campaign information, as smaller numbers of Americans are turning to broadcast TV and newspapers

Report Jan. 5, 2003

Modest increase in Internet use for campaign 2002

More Americans used the Internet to get campaign information in 2002 than during the last midterm election four years ago.

Report Dec. 3, 2000

Internet Election News Audience Seeks Convenience, Familiar Names

As the audience for online campaign news has expanded—increasing fourfold over the past four years—it has gone more mainstream in its preferences and pursuits.